ABOUT Yodel Technology Services
Our main call center is located in the United States. Our Yodel Technology Services Software is global and can be used offshore as well.
We offer the most competitive telecommunication services available. This helps you get what you want, more business and higher profits.

Planning and Scripting

Agent Management

Cost Effective

Strategic Growth



Yodel Voice is not just a technology company. With decades of experience in marketing products, we strive to understand all verticals and industries. With this, it allows us to best attack a campaign for our clients the right way, because we have personally engaged in the markets and understand the behavior.


Our technology team has been involved in and built many dialers, voice broadcasting and CRM technologies. We took the combined mind share of decades of experience and created a fully innovative controlled technology that is a completely integrated Dialer, and CRM technology.

In what ways can Yodel Technology Services benefit your call center:


  • Optimizing your campaign
  • Migration from your current dialer to Yodel
  • Fully customizable.
  • Customized Dialing.
  • Full Call Center Solution
Virtually the best customer engagement and agent performance available